U for Usurp

This was the perfect costume, he thought grinning to himself, as he climbed into the massive rubbery dinosaur costume. A little too large, but there was a perfect opening for the mouth which he could not only use to see through, but also to spray the chloroform he was carrying.

Ready to go, he eased himself out into the streets, sneaking a peak around the corner. A couple was walking a bit ahead of him. He quickly hurried to catch up with them, careful not to make too many sounds. When he was right behind them, the woman turned. Shrieking, she grabbed hold of her husband, but then the dinosaur had already released his chloroform and they dropped into a pile at his feet.

Satisfied, he turned away. He didn’t care for anything they had. He wanted to usurp this world, like the dinosaurs before him did. No one could or would stop him.

Confidently, he turned to a small alley, where he saw another couple up ahead, and instantly was forced to stop. The damn costume was too large. He was stuck between the walls, neither able to go forward nor backward.

He cursed. Perhaps he wasn’t quite ready to usurp the world yet.

© 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction, April 24th 2016


Published by Fia Coldwell

Suspense Writer

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