The Piano Corpse

“This can’t be that hard,” the detective said, his lips pulled downwards into a frown.

“The corpse of a child placed deliberately with his finger on the piano,” his partner said, regarding the series of photos closely. “No fingerprints, no clues. There’s no way we’re going to solve this crime anytime soon.”

They entered the interview room together, the mother of the victim already seated inside, her body folded in on itself. She looked up when they entered, but made no attempt to hide her fatigue.

“Where were you last night?” the detective asked.

“I went out grocery shopping for an hour. I came back and found him there.”

The partner frowned, still consulting his notes. Then he looked up sharply. “He’s been dead for at least eighteen hours. That means he died sometime around midday yesterday.”

The mother looked uncertain, frightened. Finally, she whispered: “I ran away from my husband the night before. I hadn’t been home since.”

Then she broke down entirely.

The detectives looked at one another. No husband had ever been mentioned before.

© 2016

FFftPP, Week #21 – 2016

Photo prompt provided by

Published by Fia Coldwell

Suspense Writer

8 thoughts on “The Piano Corpse

  1. As awful as it is to think of that child as a dead corpse on a piano, you crafted an extremely interesting story out of his death. Sad and horrifying the husband was getting back at the wife, the boy’s mother, by killing the little boy. What a terrible man, no wonder the mother ran. I guess hind-sight is 20/20 but she should’ve never left a child in an unsafe situation. It’s going to haunt her for a long while. Great write Felicia!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you once again for your lovely comment!
      She definitely shouldn’t have left the child behind with the husband, knowing that it wasn’t safe. I think you’re right, this will haunt her for a long while. I hope the husband didn’t bolt and they catch him before he can harm his wife too!

      Liked by 1 person

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