I stare out across the water at the skyscrapers lining the horizon. The sky is grey, echoing my feelings. What have we done? I don’t know whether to be proud anymore, or whether I should have regrets. Was this the right thing to do?

We parted ways immediately, not acknowledging one another. Procedure, we both knew. I shake my head, watching the buildings. I have to see it, have to watch what we have done.

And then it happens. From across the water, a loud blast reaches my ears. Was this the right thing, I wonder again, as I watch one of the government buildings explode.

© 2016

FFfAW, Week of 05-31-2016

Photo prompt provided by Barbara Taylor

14 thoughts on “Doubts

    • Thank you – I feel very honoured! 🙂 It’s certainly brave subject matter, and I wish his doubts would have kicked in before he had carried out the bombing, enough to stop him from doing so.

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  1. Two wrongs never make a right. No matter what the government was guilty of, you can’t kill a whole bunch of innocent people, as that makes you no better than your adversary…. A time of reflection for all sides though, as a person doesn’t wake up one day and decide to blow a building. Injustice usually breeds violence, which can never be justified but can be pondered over to stop these acts from spreading. Great story! ☺

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    • The government may be unjust, but that by no means justifies the violent actions carried out. I fully agree with you that two wrongs never make a right. Thank you for the comment and for reading! I’m glad you liked the story, though it’s a tough subject 🙂

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  2. Wow. The right thing. He should have questioned that more for his thinking had vast implications which effected many people. I think we know the right thing often, we just choose not to listen to our conscience. Well done Felicia.

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