“You never do anything halfway…” she said, looking at him questioningly. Half of the parrot sculpture had been painted a rich blue, while the other half was still bare and white. Perhaps he wasn’t done yet, she thought, shrugging.

“You’re right,” he said, watching her closely. “I never do anything only halfway. I’m not the one whose heart still half belongs to another girl.”

“Look, I’m sorry about my ex. I swear it won’t happen again.” She looked directly into his eyes, pleading with him. She had come back to him once again, just as always believing herself when she said those words.

He shook his head slowly. “You always swear it won’t happen again. It’s over, Meg.”

She stared at him in silence, then turned around to leave. Just as she was about to open the door, it opened on its own.


“Meg?! Oh god! I’m so sorry. I never meant for you to find out this way!” The blonde in the doorway looked at her apologetically. Megan turned back to him, her eyes filled with hatred.

“Well, I can see I’m not the only whose heart belongs elsewhere!”


“At least finish your goddamn parrot!” she yelled over her shoulder before slamming the door.

© 2016

FFftPP, Week #25 – 2016

Photo prompt provided by

Published by Fia Coldwell

Suspense Writer

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