I love lists. Don’t you too?

I love scanning through blogs to see a list of things I can do, a list of things you need on vacation, or a list of books. Somehow the simplicity of it is intriguing and it’s nice to be able to scan through it without having to watch out for key words or key phrases.

Does anybody else love reading and making lists too?

It’s not like I hate writing full text (I’m a writer, I want to do that for a living…) or reading text, but I just love making lists. I’m sure there’s people like me out there too 😀

Anyway, I’ve decided to compile lists every now and then of random things. I remember writing lists as a child of things to do when you’re snowed in. I’m pretty sure half of those things weren’t even possible (e.g. time travel…).

I’ll compile lists of genuine ideas and crazy ones, which might serve as inspiration for some writing for some 🙂

As my introduction has now ended up being longer than expected, I shall post the first list in a separate post – so watch my blog!



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