Things To Do When There Is No Electricity

Hey! Here is the first list I have compiled:

Things to do when there is no electricity (assuming all electronic devices are dead too, obviously..)

….but it’s day time

  1. Go for a run outside
  2. Pack and go on a road trip
  3. Open your closet door and go to Narnia
  4. Read a book
  5. Rearrange your room
  6. Create a home theatre (literally being the actors to your own plays)
  7. Play an instrument
  8. Write a book (longhand)
  9. Roll around the house
  10. Slide down the stairs
  11. Dance
  12. Sing at the top of your lungs
  13. Quickly eat all the food in your fridge, because it might go bad while the electricity is out and it gets all warm

….and it’s dark

  1. Read a book using a candle
  2. Play hide and seek in the dark
  3. Feel your way through the dark to your closet, then go to Narnia
  4. Make a bonfire
  5. Walk around your house with a candle in your hand (like they used to do in the olden times)
  6. Eat lots of chocolate (assuming you can find it in the dark)
  7. Wear all your hats and walk around like that (don’t worry: nobody can see you!)
  8. Sneak up on someone else and tickle them, then sneak away again when they try to tickle you back
  9. Create a radio show with everyone present
  10. Draw a painting, then look at it with a candle
  11. Work out (advantage: nobody can see you sweat)
  12. Make tea, then wonder why it tastes so horrible (oh, you forgot to add the water..?)
  13. Decorate your house


Hope I managed to entertain you!



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