Lit Up

She sat down slowly on the steps. They were cold and wet, but she didn’t care.

The silence around her felt strange. The city should have been buzzing with life this shortly before Christmas. Though the sky was already pitch black, it was only late afternoon.

She shook the thoughts away. She knew life was still there. She could see it in every brightly lit window. Could see it in the lights spread around the city.

She craned her neck, her eyes scanning the rooftops until she found him.

He had chosen the highest building, his coat billowing in the wind. His tall frame was illuminated against the black sky by the fairy lights wrapped around his body. The fairy lights she’d helped him choose.

She was about to close her eyes, shut out what was about to happen. That’s when he jumped.

The silence was broken by the sudden splash of water. She closed her eyes then, wondering whether there was anything she could have done to stop him.

© 2020

Photo ©Fia Coldwell

Published by Fia Coldwell

Suspense Writer

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