Along with the workshop on “beginnings” I took, which I talked about in my last post, I also went to a workshop that was called “No Place Like Mine”, focusing on the setting of a story. It was quite an interesting and informative class, where I realised that it really doesn’t matter too much if youContinue reading “Returning”

They Shoot The White Girl First.

I recently took a writing workshop on “beginnings” and I thought I’d share the outcome of one of the writing exercises we did. We were given a list of opening sentences, which were taken from numerous novels, and were asked to continue the story. Mine is my usual action-packed dark story, which could possibly be turned intoContinue reading “They Shoot The White Girl First.”

The Perfect Spot

Carefully, she peaked over the edge of the leaves. The rusty red of the car seemed to shimmer as the sunlight reflected off of it. She smiled to herself, her eyes slowly scanning her surroundings. This was the place. She remembered it so well. Deciding that there was no one to hide from, she pushedContinue reading “The Perfect Spot”


She hated this part of the woods. It was cold and mucky, and the trees seemed to close in around her from all sides. Still, she kept moving, her bare feet finding the spots along the path that were dry. Looking behind her, she couldn’t see him anymore. She wanted to breathe a sigh ofContinue reading “Running”


She stopped the car and looked around. “Shit,” she said, hitting the steering wheel. How had she landed in the middle of nowhere? This was literally a swamp. “Where are we going, mommy?” her four-year-old chirped from the back seat. She sighed. “It’s a surprise,” she said, trying not to let a despairing laugh takeContinue reading “Swamped”