**Hey everyone! It’s so great to be back and writing – enjoy today’s entry for FFfAW!** He watched the boys for a few seconds. Tossing about a football, they seemed blissfully unaware of his presence. One of them would do just fine, he thought to himself, smiling slightly. They were about ten years of age,Continue reading “Flawed”

Week of Hell

The restaurant was small, with a slight edge to it, standing forlornly in the middle of the open space. He parked the car in one of the spaces provided around it and killed the engine. Sighing, he sank his head on the wheel. It had been one hell of a week. First the separation withContinue reading “Week of Hell”

Left Behind

He stared through the fence, his heart fracturing into a thousand pieces. There, beyond that fence, his golden retriever lay, howling for him to come back. He waved one last goodbye, then turned his back on the dog as tears started forming in his eyes. He was moving across the ocean to New York andContinue reading “Left Behind”

Just a Scarecrow

It’s just a scarecrow, she told herself sternly, breathing a sigh of relief. And yet it looked so real from the distance… She mustn’t let it get to her, she thought, she was starting to get paranoid. It was strange how a puppet of straw could give her such a fright, but she knew sheContinue reading “Just a Scarecrow”


I stare out across the water at the skyscrapers lining the horizon. The sky is grey, echoing my feelings. What have we done? I don’t know whether to be proud anymore, or whether I should have regrets. Was this the right thing to do? We parted ways immediately, not acknowledging one another. Procedure, we bothContinue reading “Doubts”

Twisted Mind

He stared up at the angels on the ceiling, awed by the magnificent masterpiece. The sudden footsteps startled him and he spun around. “Gregor,” he said with a nod of his head, stepping forward, but not offering his hand. The other let the outstretched hand fall back to his side. “We spoke on the phone,”Continue reading “Twisted Mind”


He loved their car. It was painted all over now, memories of their travels scrawled across the doors, the roof and even along the inside of the wheels. He was a painter and the plain white car that she had brought into the marriage made him wince. With every place they visited, he added aContinue reading “Abandoned”

The Last Photograph

He looked at the picture again. The last picture his wife had taken before she had been murdered. The beach looked grayish, but that might only have been the dark clouds in the sky throwing shadows. In the background, the giant stone sculpture loomed, carrying the bridge on his back. Had she climbed to thatContinue reading “The Last Photograph”

V for Vacant

“Table for four, please,” the old man requested. The new waiter took him to the middle of the room, wondering whether the other three would soon arrive. He brought four menus to the table, then settled back behind the bar to polish the glasses. He frowned when no one came, but shrugged it away quickly.Continue reading “V for Vacant”

R for Rain

He stared up at the windmill. It was ancient, perhaps centuries old, and yet it still towered over him in this desolate place, the gigantic wings still slowly turning. He thought it was long abandoned, but it didn’t make sense that the wings were still turning in that case. Unsure, he looked towards the door,Continue reading “R for Rain”