M for Missing

**Hello and sorry everyone! I just missed out on days I, J, K and L… I haven’t given up completely however, so I shall just continue with day M today.** She didn’t know what to do. She should be running. The man with the silver slipper was here. She stood lined up in a row,Continue reading “M for Missing”

F for Fiery

This was it. This was where she lived. He looked about himself uncertainly. Was he really going to do this? Yes. The fiery red vine leaves that raked up the side of the building were beautiful and it reminded him of his little sister and her love for red flowers. He knew he was atContinue reading “F for Fiery”


The dog was like a sign sent from heaven. Elegant and black, he strolled into their camp one day and sat down at his feet. He had never owned a dog, never liked nor disliked them. They simply lived alongside him. That day, when the dog sat before him, was the first time he properlyContinue reading “Soldiers”

Amidst the Ruins

I turned at the sound of steps and ragged breathing, just in time to see her make her way over to me. “Here?” she said between breaths. “Why do you make me trudge all this way up here? Couldn’t we have met somewhere slightly more…convenient?” I shrugged. ‘Here’ was at the top of the hillContinue reading “Amidst the Ruins”


All those memories. He swallowed hard, but merely stared at the fire, not allowing himself to quench it. This was the last thing he had that would remind him of his past. The last memory of his family. The last memory of a calm and joyful life. He wanted to weep, but no tears came.Continue reading “Burning”


This was it, she thought, staring across the calm beach towards the old village. It looked castle-like and medieval to her. Just the right place to start her new life. She hadn’t brought much with her. Just a small duffle bag with a couple of random things in it that she was sure she wouldn’tContinue reading “Caught”

Asleep on the Bench

She stabbed him one last time, staring into those round shocked eyes with a calm sense of relief. Dropping the knife that she had used at his feet, she left the corpse on the red bench. When she had nearly reached her house, her five-year-old son Robert bounced around the corner to greet her. AlarmedContinue reading “Asleep on the Bench”

Only Silence

He left the office at noon as usual and headed back to his car, which was still parked right by the shed as he always left it, the back wheels already entangled in the bushes that grew behind. He chastised himself every day for nearly breaking them, but then again he always forgot to re-parkContinue reading “Only Silence”