Enough is Enough

Enough is enough, she thought angrily, as her feet pounded across the gravel. She was twenty-two years old and her mother had yet again tried to marry her off, this time trying to add on top of it that he was willing to employ her in some dumb office job. He had not even beenContinue reading “Enough is Enough”

Crumbled to Dust

Staring out through the tinted glass of the window, he focused on the cranes below. He frowned. How many weeks had they been there now? It must have been months. The ruins of the building opposite were only slowly being removed and there were still shards of glass on the pavement. The bomb had explodedContinue reading “Crumbled to Dust”

The Car Crash

I want to scream, is all I can think, yet I cannot. Snow pushing in through the shattered windows of my car freezes my broken legs. Unable to move my lower body, I try to fumble around for the doors with my hands. My fingers plunge into the soft snow and I yank them backContinue reading “The Car Crash”