10 Things To Do When Snowed In

HAHAHAHA! I just found a list I had made way back about being snowed in, and it is the best thing ever!

  1. Contact your alien twin (everyone obviously has an alien twin) via phone, so s/he can come save you.
  2. Climb up onto the roof and pretend you are on stage – sing a song / dance.
  3. Climb up onto the roof and slide down into the snow.
  4. Go into the attic and pretend you found a long-lost treasure.
  5. Watch a movie backwards.
  6. Travel through your wardrobe to Narnia, and (for the climate change) go to the beach there.
  7. Practice your sword fighting skills so that you can earn your knighthood when the snow is gone.
  8. Send a raven to your best friend saying how urgent your message is, but don’t actually include the message.
  9. Send a letter in a bottle to whoever finds it. (Drop it in the snow from your window: Obviously there will be water enough to carry your message once the snow melts!)
  10. Practice your triple backflipping skills.


Hope you enjoyed!