DNA Sibling Test: How does it work??

Has anyone ever done a DNA sibling test?

I know you (can) order them online and do them at home.

What I’m wondering though, is how it works.. Do you take samples and send them back? Or do you get immediate results?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I’m currently in the midst of writing a novel where they have to do a DNA test to figure out whether they are really related, but I haven’t really found anything online about how to actually carry out the test… And they’re kinda expensive to just order for the fun of it 😛




She hated this part of the path. The branches caved in above her head, as though pushing her down. She pulled her hood closer around her head, as the fog grew denser.

She cursed herself inside. She should never have decided to take the walk through the forest. Should have taken the path along the road, illuminated by the street lights. But of course she was late again. Late and too lazy to take the safer path. She hurried faster, knowing that her dad would be annoyed that she was late yet again.

A sudden strange noise made her look sharply to the right. Were those eyes staring at her through the fog? She couldn’t tell.

She picked up her pace.

Seconds later, she was grabbed from behind, a large hand covering her mouth to stop her strangled scream from reaching her lips. She heard a soft laugh, then she lost consciousness.

© 2016

Image from free photo stock pixabay.com